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The Nimbolé CRM suite include the Sales Manager, Service Manager and Expense Manager. Our software solutions are hosted on the cloud. You can use a browser or an Android app to access. You need no servers or IT people to run and maintain the system. You pay as you go!

The mission of Nimbolé is to provide small and medium business with an affordable choice. Our solutions are quick and simple to implement. You can be up and running within a week. We are flexible and work to your schedules. Every service is delivered online saves you costs of travel, accommodation, food, beverage and most importantly time. 


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Nurturing comes naturally to all of us at Nimbolé. We NURTURE innate talent and make great humane professionals. Every Nimbolé team member is trained to nurture our customers and help them achieve success in their journey towards greatness.

INTEGRITY is ingrained in all of us. It is reflected in our intent, thought and action.

Many things are legal but all things are not moral. We believe morality overrides legality. We critically examine our actions and ensure they pass the MORALITY test.

Our goal is to achieve BALANCE in everything we do. We encourage our people to look beyond work and chase their dreams and passion. Balancing work hours with family and me time is considered essential at Nimbolé.

OPENNESS is woven in our cultural fabric. Everyone in Nimbolé opens up to new ideas and accepts new thoughts contributing to a diverse organisation. Speak your mind is encouraged and practiced.

LEADERSHIP is a philosophy which guides our design and deeds. We are constantly incubating great future people leaders, thought leaders, creating products and solutions which are segment leaders and help our customers build and consolidate their leadership position in their business segments and industry.

Verity and ETHICS are non-negotiable attributes at Nimbolé. We are ethical in our approach and actions. We always tell the truth.

Our values together guide us as a lodestar.


In mid-2015 two former colleagues from the technology industry decided to set up a software product company in Bangalore, India.

They both had lived in several countries and worked with global giants including Siemens and Bank of America.

The founders have complementing skills. While Ronnie was a P/L manager and oversaw operations of enterprise software companies for decades, Ravi managed development, databases and architected enterprise software products for years. 

We believe small and medium businesses too have complex processes. They need software that fit their businesses processes at affordable prices and terms. 

Nimbolé is on a mission to provide non-discriminatory fully functional affordable cloud based software which are available through monthly subscription.


Sales Manager

  • Are you a small business owner?

  • Does your business involve complex, relationship based B2B selling?

  • Are spreadsheet based sales pipeline and activity reports no longer enough? 

  • Do you find the fully functional CRM providers playing "hard to get" or unaffordable or both?

  • Does the affordable CRM solution providers restrict the functionality you need or simply don't have it?

Now you have a choice!


Nimbolé offers you all functionality at a non-discriminatory price. We understand small and medium businesses also have complex needs. Affordable software simply don't have enough functionality to fit complex processes and the "big boys" are not interested in 2-3 users opportunity that small businesses represent. We embrace them!

The Nimbolé Sales Manager is a sales force automation and pipeline management solution which was first released in November 2016.

The solution can be accessed through a browser (e.g. Google Chrome). A native Android app is available for use on smartphones.

The new version released in December 2018 is developed using HTML5 and AngularJS.

The new version integrates with our Expense Manager. It also integrates with QuickBooks and email.

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The Sales Manager broadly covers the following areas.

  • Multilevel Sales Organisation

  • Setting Sales Targets

  • Sales Incentives

  • Accounts (your prospects/customers)

  • Pipeline

  • Contacts

  • Products/Services (your offering)

  • Activities/Tasks

  • Sales Expenses

  • Competitive Information

  • Reports

  • Dashboard

  • QuickBooks integration

  • Email integration

We do not discriminate! You get full functionality when you subscribe to our software.


Target-vs-Actual report

Pricing: (Implemented in 1 week)

One time | Set-up & Training: US $250 per user

Per month | Subscription: US $16 per user

Other Solutions: 

Expense Manager

The Nimbolé Expense Manager tracks every customer facing expense, some of which are travel, accommodation, phone, food and beverage.

These expenses are then allocated to your sales or service and gives you the accurate picture of how much a sale or a service cost.

Employees can claim their reimbursements through this module.

Service Manager

The Nimbolé Service Manager is a help desk operation and  field service management solution with warranty tracking. It has a ticketing system.

The system allows you to define priority levels and service level agreements for each type of service offered.

You can enter the serial number while creating a service order and the system will indicate the warranty date,

The Service Manager integrates with our Expense Manager and you can track all expenses incurred towards delivering the service.

Nimbole Dashboard.jpg

2018 version - All new dashboard

People Manager

The Nimbolé People Manager helps you manage your most critical assets - People. It allows you to mange all human resources administration including their skills, education, experience and costs.

The solution is under development

Delivery Manager

The Nimbolé Delivery Manager combines the power of 3Ms - Man, Machine & Materials - to execute a successful delivery.

You can schedule tasks, people, material and tools; define predecessors and estimate time and costs.

The solution is under development.

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